Is Tandem Skydiving safe at Skydive Venice Beach?

Skydive Venice Beach has a 100% safety record. We use only skydiving equipment from manufacturers that have been making parachutes for decades right here in the US. Our Jump Masters are United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified and have thousands of jumps between them.

Can spectators come with me to witness my 1st Tandem Skydive?

Yes, by all means! Skydive Venice Beach has a wonderful landing area and we want you to share this wonderful experience with your friends and family.

how should I DRESS for my Skydive?

You can wear shorts, T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, it just depends on the weather. Anything that you feel comfortable in. Sneakers are ideal, as you cannot wear open toe shoes, shoes with hooks or high heels.

How about scheduling my Skydive?

You may want to schedule your tandem skydive a week in advance. Sometimes you can make your appointment a couple of days before you are planning on skydiving, but we do get busy especially on weekends and holidays.

Why choose Skydive VENICE Beach for your first Skydive over other locations?

Skydive Venice Beach offers one of THEE most amazing skydiving locations in the United States, if not in the World. Please feel free to look up our location in Google Maps: very few airports are located literally next to the beach. You will skydive right over the beach with the most amazing views you can ever imagine. After your Tandem Skydive, you can stroll to Sharky's on the Pier and enjoy a fish sandwich and a cold drink while your toes are buried in the sand. Why would you skydive anywhere else in South West Florida, when this amazing location is available for your first jump?

what about the weather ?

Skydiving depends on the weather. We can only jump if conditions are perfect. If you have any questions about the weather on the day of your jump, simply call us at 941-800-0800. Sarasota County is located in SW Florida, which has amazing weather year around, so we have very few days were we are unable to jump.

is there an age limit to make a Tandem jump?

You must be at least 18 years old to legally jump in the United States. We would love to take teenagers up for their first jump, but unfortunately the minimum age of 18 is the law. We are sorry that we cannot take parental-signed consents and we cannot make ANY exceptions. You MUST bring I.D. in order to skydive with us.

Can I pre-pay for my Tandem Skydive at Skydive Venice Beach?

Absolutely, just call us at (941) 800-0800 and we will arrange your Skydive for you.

How long does the training take?

Once you arrive here at Skydive Venice Beach, you'll get to see a video, you will be trained by one of our instructors and you will then have the opportunity to go over any questions you might still have with YOUR individual instructor. The whole process should take about 30 Minutes. On the way up to altitude in the aircraft, you can review all procedures with your instructor one more time. By the time you are ready to jump out of our 'perfectly good airplane', you will be nervous, but well prepared.

what is the weight limit to skydive?

Our weight limit is 240 lbs with your clothes on at the day of your jump. You also have to have a good 'height to weight ratio'. Above 200 lbs, it is up to the instructor's discretion to approve your jump. We charge $1 extra per lb over 200 lbs, This money does not go to the business, but straight into the jump master's pocket, as it it a lot more work to take a student weighing 240 lbs than one that might weigh half that.

HOW does freefalling feel?

There are simply no words to describe freefalling to anybody that hasn't experienced it. Most people that have made a jump describe it as the most exhilarating feeling they have EVER had with their clothes on. It's just simply AMAZING. An absolute MUST-DO if you have ever had a curiosity about jumping out of a plane. Skydiving isn't the roller coaster feeling people think it is: in freefall, you are only exposed to 1G, the gravity of earth. Depending on the exit altitude you will experience a freefall of almost 40 seconds..



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